Not a Porcelain Doll co

A note from us to you

Not a Porcelain Doll co was built to bring motivation and strength to those needing a simple moment to hear someone say the following:

It has gone on for to long. It has not been said often enough or perhaps you’ve never heard it before in your whole life. So here it is – you need to hear it – you need to know it – you need to feel it!
You’ve got this!
You are stronger than you even know
You are amazing
You are brave
You can accomplish your dreams
You have the power to make it through this
Don’t listen to those who want you to fail
Don’t care that “they” think you can’t do it
Don’t give up on yourself because it’s hard
Don’t listen to “their” put-downs
Walk tall
Walk proud
You were born to survive – to live – to conquer!

So again I shall say – You’ve got this!!!!!
Will it be easy? No. Will it be worth it? FUCK YES!!!