Not a Porcelain Doll co

Not a Porcelain Doll co

The empowerment of an individual comes from within. It comes from your story, your journey, your triumphs and your failures. From all the people you allow within your life - to all of the decisions you choose to make. To where you allow yourself to be led - to where you lead others. You have the power to build yourself from the ground up, with strength, determination and sheer will.

Differences keep us apart but an alliance of power is within all of us that can change the outlook of  all whom embrace it. A new way of being that can indeed rule this world!

Understand who you are - refuse to go quietly in to the night! Strive! Fight! Be the strength you know you are. Within you and only you is there the need to take each day as if it were your last - to give that moment everything.

To embrace the knowing that you are not perfect, you are not normal. For our world is better then that. You are a survivor. A person who has fallen and picked yourself back up. To continue the path in which you have chosen - and succeed! To show yourself that the porcelain doll they may wish you to be does not exist and never will!

To scream from the rooftops "I AM NOT A PORCELAIN DOLL!!"  To understand the freedom of what that statement truly means.

For you are now and forever the writer of your own story. 
Therefore their preconceived ideas hold no power!

Not a Porcelain Doll co

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